Hawaii...home to mountainous beaches, 'authentic luaus', tube sock dads and Jurassic Park! The oh so coveted vacation spot has become our now favorite studio. SPOILER ALERT - It was nothing like the "Saved By The Bell - Hawaiian Style" BUT there's many outweighing positives! How can we share our Oahu experience with you? We considered spilling how Hawaii changed our lives forever, leaving no emotional volcanic rock unturned. Don't worry, here's what you need to know:

To borrow stats from Think Dero's Hawaii blog:  The production called for a 5 day shoot, 10 locations and 30 models. Goals: provide photos for this next year's web/print campaign and capture enough footage for numerous projects.

Cue the Chicago Bulls warm up music! Here's our all star lineup: Producer: Louise Salas, Stills: Steven Veach, Video: Dero Sanford & Chris DellaPace, Casting/Stylist: Brooke Duszota, PA: Justin Bolle. The specific 'lifestyle' art direction we received requires long sunrise to sunset days of utilizing sunlight. Waking up before the sunrise becomes easier when you have Hawaiian scenery. We'd rather our images do the talking so we rounded up a few 'behind the scenes' phone shots:

Less than a month after our shoot, Palm Beach Tan released a national 30 second spot for 'Free Tan Week' (WATCH BELOW).

Doing great work while making friends along the way is what you can expect from our crew. Our companies seamlessly came together for such a large project and proudly knocked it out! Major thanks to the Archer Malmo team and Palm Beach Tan for creating a warm environment with positive attitudes. Maybe you have questions about our creative process or simply curious where we ate. No matter the question, feel free to contact us from our website. Keep watch for our work!


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