We typically don't lend out medical advice or recommend self diagnosis, BUT we know why you're up at night craving corndogs. WebMD suggests this isn't a serous condition, IT'S RIVERFEST SEASON!!!

As always, Riverfest celebration comes but once a year and here's a few reasons to be there: Sheryl Crow, Girl Talk, rappelling off a 14 story building, National Baggo Championship, 5k race, wine & craft beer tasting, delicious festival foods, local merchant tents fireworks and a dog parade! 

This festival is a BIG DEAL and we're proud to help out. OUR INVOLVEMENT- The Rizon Media team animated 4 variations of the video below. We received the artwork from Eric Rob & Isaac. Have fun and be safe out there, Arkansas! Visit the Riverfest site to see band line ups and activities.