A Tailored Partnership

No spoilers or anything, but J. Hilburn is growing so fast, UPS wanted to share their successful partnership. This project is a part of the UPS "United Problem Solvers" campaign.

This goes out to all the men who hate shopping for baggy dress clothes or generic professional wear. Let me quickly set the stage. Most work places in America have a relatively strict dress code. Our office does not. Most days you won't see shirts tucked in or even the kind of shirt you're supposed to tuck in. For sanity sake, people who edit and review footage all day, mostly choose comfort over fine cloth. While none of us claim to be fashionistas, we at least know not to wear Crocs or cargo shorts. HOWEVER, you need to know the cargo short's entire purpose is perfect for our industry! It holds tools, camera batteries and duh, craft services. We deserve to be recognized for not wearing them. Anyways, we're not crazy into fashion. You get the point. Although, while interviewing at the J. Hilburn warehouse their story and mission made us feel like we've been missing out on the fashion craze. As we started gathering b-roll we kept noticing all the different materials and cool looking patterns. Those are the kinds of things that get you day dreaming just a little. We obviously thought their clothes looked pretty slick, but that alone can't sway most men. What sets J. Hilburn apart is the attention to detail and the customization process. These suits are fitting men like no other suit can while being comfortable. This is a big deal. We're not making any promises, but the J. Hilburn culture makes dressing up for work almost seem enjoyable. Zoolander jokes aside, any type or shape of man should get into this company. We're the newest converts : ) 


Graphics by: Ogilvy

See this video also featured on the UPS "United Problem Solvers" campaign site: solvers.ups.com